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This Page Created on February 17th, 2008
Latest Update January 15th, 2013
Smug Rubber Garden Pleasures      Folks who know me may not know that I also like things botanical. But if they think about it, they'll probably suspect that if I have such an interest, it will definitely have a different spin. My gardening enthusiasms have always been more visceral than visual, but with the advent of rubber and leather as two competing clothing pleasures, it was a foregone conclusion that all of those aspects would be intertwined! Journey with me through an awful lot of sweaty and pleasurable gear, and let's put the Leather Oaks Garden through its more macho modes.
     If by some chance there's already some poor soul who's huffing and puffing in agitated indignation at the mere concept of mixing male hormones with the viewing of purely botannical matters, here's that link you were supposed to follow: The Leather Oaks almost Entirely Garden Garden Page!

The Rubber and Skin Pages

     You're still here, eh? Well, I knew you could take it, and here's hoping it's worth your while, enjoyment wise!
     Folks who wear rubber and go outdoors have probably discovered that sometimes it gets rather warm. In the Deep South, those times account for a good six months of the year, or more! That's never stopped me, but it has produced an ongoing campaign to find gear that provides less coverage but just as much pleasure. There's about three pages of rubber sweat-moderation alternatives behind that photo link.

The Great Harnessed Rubber Garden Page !

     If there's one thing that feels better than neoprene worn in the garden on a cool morning, it's the extra warmth and control a layer of leather harness adds.
      I've actually done this several times, but the camera has not always recorded the scene. This page includes parts of two such sessions. A careful perusal of all the Hot Garden pages will uncover two or three others, I'm thinking.
Pack Mule?  Is that a Rubber Pack Mule?
Lameuse Street Masked Gardener

The Lameuse Street Period

     You don't have to believe this, but I felt rather inhibited most of the time I lived on Lameuse Street. Early on, my yard was in plain view on all sides.

      Privacy plantings slowly reduced the neighborly influence, and I responded in kind.

      A good friend had been encouraging me to let him take photos of some of my outfits. Most of the pictures on the two linked pages were made by Al. His encouragement and good humor are still warmly remembered.

The Florid Florals Photos

     My Shorecrest Road yard has always been so deeply shaded, that it's more a study in many shades of green than a floral spectacle. Still, there are a few exceptions to the any color is good as long as its green credo!
      The photos on the linked page cover close to ten years of blossoms.
Big Red Lily Hypnotizes Harold
How about this for a Pondlet Height?

The Skeletal Stream Construction Sessions

     Many have noted (well, maybe it was one who said it several times) that there don't seem to be enough photos detailing how my Skeletal Stream came to be. The next three pages should settle that score!
      The still to be resolved question is whether it should be called "Skeletal" or "Schematic"? For the current, more enlightened audience, we're going with the former.

The Preposterous Katrina Photos

      You may have heard me say it before: My best Katrina memory is that I was about 3,000 miles away when she blew through! If you visited my main Garden section, those are all the Katrina damage photos I'm going to show you.
      That said, Katrina sure changed the scenery at Leather Oaks! Once the majority of the yard was put back together, and indeed even while that was in progress, I began seeking ways to take some pleasure and relaxation as I could find it. In leather or rubber, but always in wonder. Please enter into that spirit! There are at least fourteen different scenes, from pedestrian to crazy. Click that link and you're on your way!
Where have all my aquatic plants gone?
Okay now, what's really in that heavy keg?

The Sensualized Statuary Section!

     This is a Hot Garden exclusive: Last year saw the introduction of several new statues to the Leather Oaks Garden and home. There's Horse, who's already been featured in his own Christmas Card, Bois Guilbert, a perfectly charming gentleman in iron armor and chain mail, a young gladiator wearing a lot less but displaying a lot more bravado, and . . . and . . . . Excuse me, what ARE you kids doing anyway? And what's in that little keg?
      Whatever it is, Julio and Neptune have some serious competition for Harold's masculine attentions. The link will take you to many different looks at these bronzed and brassy studs. Hey, can the Hot Garden be getting into heavy metal?

The Hot Garden Tour Continues!

     What do a studded toga and briefs have to do with gardening? Well, they're hot, aren't they?
      The second page of Hot Garden Destinations is just behind that photo. I see Leather-n-Skin, Grey Rubber, many visits to my Magic Portal, and oh, some Earthy Rubber.
      For those who may have missed it first time around, I believe that you'll find that there is a reprise of my first Hot Garden section!
Someone just blew in from Rome?