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This Page Created on February 22nd, 2008
Quintana Roo Full Suit, Leather Harness and Bekina Waders There's something so "Just Right" about wearing harness over neoprene, that folks who've not discovered its pleasures will never understand.
     I guess that means I have to wear it for both of us, and that's fine with me! The Quintana Roo is my oldest triathlon-intended suit, and its snug fit and minimum of distracting graphics makes it ideal as a leather harness foundation!
     Is that two Knuckled JockUps under the QR? I do believe that it is. Their heft and projection, not to mention the visible through the neoprene dimples, are as unmistakable as they are enjoyable to the wearer.
      If you're concerned about such things, I was standing just at the rear of the Magic Portal for this photo. Is their going to be a tour? We'll see.
Leather-bound Tour Guide!
Overgrown Path      Let's see, what am I supposed to say long about now? Something about loss or confusion?
     I can state with confidence that those are Belgian made boots, from Bekina. They're not to be confused with the sewing machine maker. I believe that name is Bernina. Bekina Waders on Harnessed Rubberman
Sharp Bekina Waders, diminished bulge view      See, you can almost read the name! I think I've just about gotten my bearings now, so we'll be moving along soon.
      Neptune is so accepting of my outfits. Wasn't the Quintana Roo featured in those night time photos? I forget. Harnessed Harold with Lord Neptune
Harold at the Sago Palm      The woodedn privacy fence in the background indicates that this series is rather recent. The Canon Folder Date is November, 2006.
     Mercy! We seem to have strayed from the trail! There must be some blockage up ahead. I'd say we're near one of the two remaining Live Oaks, just to hazard a guess. Off the trail, and proud of it!
Baring the Harness!      We seem to have changed outfits and venues! That sure looks like an Orca wetsuit, but I'm showing steel chain torso harness, probably strapped to the fabulous power force leather waist and thigh harness. The old Gates red-trimmed waders always look great. And, as the additional cover for a very cold February 2008 morning, it's the old jacket from East West Musical Industries. I had no idea the company had such a following: I got an e-mail from a gentleman recently wondering if I was willing to part with the old jacket. It actually makes a pretty neat shirt, as it is unlined, but very heavy!
     Couldn't resist this photo, as it does show how closely the jacket fits. That chain harness shows through perfectly! Orca and East West from the rear!