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The Ironman Pond Dweller
(AKA IronPonder !)

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This Page Created on December 22nd, 2008
Ironman Harold awade in his pond Soon after the old vegetation was removed and the pump was running again, the Leather Oaks pond quickly began to recover. Did I really need an excuse to don both wetsuit and hip waders and invade that sacred space?
     My old Ironman is so comfortable, I forget I'm wearing it, and can concentrate on reassuring Pipe that his place is going to look fine again. Does he even care that I'm wearing some equally comfortable and sharp looking brown rubber waders from Hodgeman? Ironman and Hodgeman greet Pipe
Pond Side Ironman      Finally, I get out of the pond! The damage is rather evident here. In fact, I still haven't completely restored my path lights! Those waders are so high, I have to fold the tops in for them to dress properly against the wetsuit.
     A closer up view of my gear. The Ironman has always been one of my favorites as it is so bulge-friendly. The light is catching the Knuckled Uplifter just right! Bulge-friendly Ironman
Bulge and Debris Competition      To the left of my bulge in the photo, through the fence, is still a huge pile of debris. It all came from the Leather Oaks Pond. Soon, my neighbor will clear the whole area. In a way, it appears more natural now!
      Another really great pose! I think its one of the best featuring my Ironman wetsuit, especially with such interesting waders added to the picture. Ironman and Hodgeman in Profile
The Sunning Ironman!>      I seem to be just soaking up the sun! I don't remember it being that hot a day, either. The Ironman suit features non-neoprene areas under the arms. It can make it rather cool when swimming!! Must be why it's more of a yard-suit, would you say?