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Posted Katrina -- a Lame Excuse for Sensual Sensationalism
More Ways to say Wetsuit and Grin!

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Shiny Beauchat Suit ready for new Experiences!

The Buccolic Beuchat Page

     This thin crossover suit was intended to work for triathletes and divers in warmer waters. Its remarkably shiny surface and pleasingly flexible rubber has made it a hit in many different scenes at Leather Oaks. It brought gloss and wonder to the drab Post Katrina days here.

The Heated Caver Page

     Back many, many years ago, my friend Al and I journeyed North to Posey Road. There I explored a glorious, clay-filled borrow pit while Al dutifully recorded the events. It was late enough in the day that one couldn't really see any skyline. When I got the printed photos back from the photofinisher, he said, "Oh, we've been spelunking, eh?"
     That memory came home to me as I was enjoying the session depicted in the following pages. The big oak along my Western fence line had left a deep cavern where its rootball had been. No mud, alas, and an awful lot of dust. But, it might have been similar in appearance while less threatening than the situations that spelunkers face in their activities!
We must be close to the Center of the Earth by now!?
Grey Mud in Midwinter

The Mud Hole

     Mike did a great job of restoring the contours of my yard after repairing the tree removal damage. He helped negotiate rights to my back fence from a less than eager neighbor. But perhaps his most remarkable duty was as photographer for some very strange sessions!
      Knowing of my mud interests, it was Mike's suggestion to dig me a small mudhole as he was clearing the downed trees near my North property line. Here are the photo documentary evidence of mud play on a rather cold winter day in February, 2006!

The Earth Skier Page

     When I bought this rather plain old westsuit from a fellow eBayer, it was described as a "Classic Skier's" suit. I guess they didn't mean snow, but how about earth? Seemed reasonable to me. Mike had left this huge load of topsoil in front of my place ostensibly to fill all those nasty tree root holes. Of course, I had to test its slope abilities.
-->Earth Skier surveys the slopes
Earth Burial Postponed!

The Dirt Burial Page

     It's not what you think, honest! Mike had not thrown up his hands in horror before dumping a load of red fill dirt on his neighborly client.

      Through past experimentation, I had discovered the weight of mud and dirt to be most enjoyable, but it was so much work to shovel enough on top of oneself. How about letting someone else do the piling?

Heated Pond Dweller

     The black wetsuit with the blue nylon panels is one that its maker, O'Neill, calls the "HEAT". It's a reference to a "boiler suit", the term that Windsurfers (the suit's target audience) apply to a thick, semi-dry wetsuit such as this.
      The combination of neoprene, harder rubber and nylon allow the suit to absorb all sorts of indignties never intended by its maker! This session, while away from wind and waves, brings it closer to its intended medium!
-->Harold and Pipe in a Blue Rubber Moment
Heated Butterfly?

Heated Butterfly

     But wait, there's more! I almost skipped this strange little session. The O'Neill HEAT just seems to invite new applications. We've all seen snow butterflies made everytime there's a first heavy snow somewhere in the country. But an honest to goodness DIRT Butterfly? A Leather Oaks exclusive, just for you!

The Posted Katrina Experience Continues

     Well, we're really less than halfway through the available Katrina-related play sessions. But for now, we've selected another half-dozen plus to share.
      Let's see, we've still got two more Heated wetsuit scenes, my old favorite Ironman suit takes to the pond, Julio gets his rusty face lifted, and do I see more red earth?
Hot Wetsuited Worker -- do NOT disturb!