The Leather Oaks Hot Garden -- Lameuse Street Era

The Rubber and Leather Beginnings

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This Page Created on February 22nd, 2008
Red Leather Harold and Pipe Pipe and I go way back. Well, at least to the early eighties! The red leather trunks were my first from a pattern leather project, and the Ranger Firemaster three-quarter rubber boots were right new back then!
     The Lameuse Era was a learning experience in many ways. I don't know if I'd ever folded the Firemasters down until my photographer friend Al suggested it.
      The second "learning experience" was about my pond and stream. I had relied on the counsel of others that I had to coat the concrete with some other finish. They didn't tell me that the whole stream would look like a toilet bowl when I finished! Fortunately, nature soon began correcting that bad color choice.
Folding the Firemasters
Pilot pants and Epaulet Jacket      The Hein Gericke Pilot Pants were an early motorcyle grade leathers purchase. The somewhat designer-influenced jacket came from a local shop. Yest, those are Bata Rubber Boots!
     Uh-oh, it appears that a hooded rubber monster is molesting Pipe! Where's Harold?
      That's an old Marine aviator's flightsuit, augmented by latex hood and briefs, Linesman's gloves and gauntlets.
Masked Stranger accosting Pipe
Amber Latex Girdle over Aviator's suit      The Hooded Monster seems to have altered his appearance slightly. The seller called the amber, almost transparent latex trunks a "girdle." Go figure!
      The Linesman's shoulder gauntlets proved something of a challenge to wear, as they didn't come with any harness, and I've never seen them in use. After this session, I made my own harness out of inner tube rubber.
      Pipe has another rubber visitor. This time he must be a survivor. At least, I believe that was called a survival suit. Survival Suited Harold visits Pipe
Survival Suit Closeup      The survial suit was a find at a flea market in Phoenix, Arizona. Boots by Kmart. Rubber Gloves by surplus.
     Another marvelously mixed mode photo. That's a hood from a toxicological protective suit, and the same Survival suit. No, there wasn't a gas mask in use under the hood. Sorry! Hooded Rubber Survivalist
RubberShorts and Latex TankTop on Tree Crotch      That gnarly old Live oak branch in my back yard was the scene of so many great photo sessions. This one seems to have been made rather late in the career of said tree crotch, based on its worn, barkless condition!
      Those are heavy rubber trunks, despite which I'm showing a pretty signficant bulge. Appears to be a latex tanktop, but is most likely BuddyBoy, a crotchless leotard from the late, lamented Slimwear of America.
     Riding the old oak crotch horse!
      Same outfit. I should have mentioned, the leather hat is a Kangol, but looks more like a rainhat to me. Boots are common irrigation from a local supplier.
      We're half way through the Lameuse Street Remaniscences. Please click the photo at right to continue the show!
Riding the old Crotch Horse!