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This Page Created on February 22nd, 2008
Updated on January 15th, 2013
Azaleas in Bloom! There's two types of azaleas it seems. Some only put on their show in early Spring. Others seem to stay in bloom for months. These with whom I'm kneeling are the latter variety.
     There's certainly a formal name for this lily, but I just call it bodaceous. Such huge, bright red blosssoms, it just seems so appealing. Red Bodacious Lily
Bodaceous lily and Standing Rubberman      The lily started life as one rather large bulb, and rates several offspring now. They've always preferred this place in the shade of the Japanese Hollies. Red like reds I guess, as the hollies put out profuse quantities of bright red berries in the winter.
     The azaleas are coming! The azaleas are coming! It appears that I've decided to bed down with the alternative season azaleas!
      The locale is just North of Season's Springs, on the bank of the Rubber Creek.
Bedding down with the Azaleas!
Harold and the Iris      The red lily is forced to share the stage with the Louisiana Iris. I have two hues of the iris, but they neve bloom simultaneously. Do the blue come before the yellow? I forget!
      The Lousisiana Iris yet again. The same suit for four photos in a row! Of course, the tank top is hard neoprene, while the laced, pouch front shorts, very nicely bulged out, are polyamide-coated fabric, but they look like rubber! All of these photos date back to April, 2002. PouchFront Shorts in Iris Bed
Chained to the Lily!      There was something about that lily that kept drawing me back to it. Soon, I found a pleasant sense of bondage, just being near the multiple-blossomed beauty!
     An abrupt break and all of a sudden we're in 2007! It must be the multiple-variety Hibiscus plants! I felt so outclassed by their brilliant and varied hues, the only thing seemed to be joining them in my most floral rubber trunks. Harold and Hibiscus
Harold mingling with Hibiscus      Those boots are yellow rubber Wellies from Hunter, the folks that invented them in Scotland a century or more ago!
      The hibiscus have four plants trained into one trunk, and even though it may not be evident in these photos, they do put out different color blossoms seemingly from the same plant!
     All three of these photos are dated July, 2007. Wolf and I had just planted the Hibiscus about a month and a half earlier! Beautiful Hibiscus Bulge
Canna Lilies and Harnessed admirer      My Canna Lilies are much loved by the neighborhood slugs. It's extremely rare for a mere rubberman to be able to admire these longlegged floral beauties! The slugs were a little slow this season, and we actually got to get physical with the cannas!
     I think this became part of a further photo session. Something about a Rubberman in a Grassy Beddown? If you can wait that long, there is a link on the second page of the Hot Garden Section!