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The Sensuous Rubberman Exploration of Lawn and Stream

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This Page Created on March 5th, 2008
Venerable Rubberman in Grassily Lounged Reverie It had been a great summer, despite the heat! But it was fine to enjoy an early morning in the grass when the weather was only warm.
     The Leather Oaks Pond is lost in the verdant landscape as Harold seemingly ponders the grass longingly. Tell us what it means, Harold!
     The call of the lawn seems to have become to overpowering for our rubberman to resist. Can this be lovemaking at its earthiest? Will Harold's substantial bulge cause permanent damage to the delicate grassy structures?
     Are hormonal imbalances becoming even more extreme as earth lust takes its hold on our Rubberman?
Lawn protests Rubber Bulge Depression
Spreadeagled Rubberman impaled on his own Lawn      I hope this was a sprinkler morning. I really do. For else, Harold's bulge is receiving a painful compresssion from the hard earth hidden by the lush St Augustine! Yes, the trunks are thick, 6mm neoprene, and yes, at least two Curved Uplifter JockUps contain and comfort Harold's O-ringed privates, but there's a limit to the stresses they can mitigate. Mercy, Mister Grasslawn!
     Praise the Rubber Lords! Hosannna to the Lawn Fairies! Harold's bulge has once again risen from the earth.
      Harold rests peacefully, preparing for his next earthy contest? First trial by earth, then . . . .
A Bulge-triumphant Harold Rests
Harold and Pewter Spitting Frog      Ah, this is what a hot rubberman needs on a warm morning. Harold soaks his rubber butt in the soothing waters of Lake Orin, while the Pewter Spitting Frog looks dryly on.
      Harold's smiling? Can there be a more graphic affirmation of the therapeutic values of "taking the waters"? Laughing Harold in Lake Orin
Bullseye Waders in Lake Orin      For reasons that currently escape memory (but it might be the label), these Hood's waders are called Bullseye. They sure hit the target for pleasant protection from lake bottom vagaries!
     Lake Orin is the name given to a widened portion of the Rubber Creek as it passes under the bridge of the same name. Harold is actually lounging supine in the troubled and narrower Rilly Rapids. The turgid nature of the water around his waders attests to the environmental impact our rebel Rubberman is inflicting on the area. But does he care? Harold Hides his face whilst resting in the Rilly Rapids
Muck-based Rubberman observes the Rapids      Harold has righted himself, and is it in horror at the damages his rest has posed to the fragile ecosystem that is the Rubber Creek? Has he any idea how wondrously beautiful his muck-covered back and butt might appear to the camera? Will he ever even try to clean that new lifting belt? These are truly questions to be considered. Sometime.
     From the ten poses taken in this session, eight were chosen for my use as computer wallpaper when I got a new widescreen monitor. The results may be seen in the photo at right. It's a link to a very large photographic copy of the same montage, for those who might want to save their own copy.
      Please send any others who might want it to my site. Don't "share it" directly! Thanks!
Eight Rubber Harolds Cavort on Your Screen!