Welcome to the Leather Oaks Sweat Garden

A Heated Interlude

This page was last updated on: August 7th, 2003
     Early September has always the climax of the garden season down here, but not the only interesting time.  It's just a few weeks until our re-scheduled Pond Tour, and I'm trying to get in the proper spirit.   Maybe this year, the cue is to wear less rubber, and of course that would automatically mean more LEATHER ! !    Please note, that my old but more or less serviceable ProLine boots are indeed rubber.
     Consider this then, the behind the scenes "tour" that only the initiated are invited to witness.  While you'll still see lots of greens, there will be more human "leatherman / rubberguy" interest.
     The shorts are of thin enough leather to breathe even in the exceptionally high humidity we're "enjoying" this weekend, so I'm Okay if you are.   Shall we proceed?
Right this way, Folks!
Reverse Grassy Sea Stroll      Strolling across the sea of grass we'll soon come to the beginnings of a dense, almost marshy area.  Is it just my imagination or have I left someone behind?   Oh, I guess I WAS going the wrong way!
     The native ferns and shrubs have sure taken over this area most heartily!  About all I have to do is pick up a few dead limbs a couple times a year, and Mother Nature just looks plum natural to me.
     Sure enough, there is still a path through here <G>.  I just mowed it about a week ago!
      I still never know exactly what to expect around here.  Sometimes a rather important personality might be found . . . .
Hidden Pathway through the Marsh
Lost in Marshland?      Then again, maybe there's no one else around.
      What do you suppose we should do?
     It's gotta be that way <G> -- Follow me, Gents!
      Now where can my marine buddy have gotten to. . . .
Maybe that way?
Clearing Neptune's View!      Ah, Hello Neptune!!  Sorry about your view here, we'll get it cleared out straight away!
      Guess things have been rather droll on your knoll, eh?
     There appears to be something mildly fishy about your figleaf, my friend.   Think I'll stick to leather and rubber if it's the same to you!
     Must say that time has been kind to us both -- this filtered light is most flattering, don't you think?
King Neptune meets Leather Harold
The Scratchy Sago Palm Observed       There are certain plants which command a hearty respect for all of their interest.  The Sago Palm is certainly one of those, so "hippers up" is a good procedure to follow before approaching closely.
     Seems I folded my waders back down a mite too soon!  That mysterious spitting frog seems to have developed a much greater reach since he was last seen in these parts!!

      Through the foliage, you can just make out the Leather Oaks Memorial Bell Tower.   I think some G.C.P.S. * folk would like to string me up on it, but I don't think my neck's ready for what they would have in mind <G> !
* G.C.P.S. stands for the Gulf Coast Pond Society, and they don't stand still for any rubber or leather foolishness, especially from a man "who's gotta bulge"!
Spitting Frog 'tuning up'!
Free Boot Rinse from the Spitting Frog

     Well, my boots were looking a mite dry, and I thought it would be fun to see how LONG he could spit.   Wow, five minutes, not bad.  He's got a throat like a small submersible pump <G>!

     Well, after that refreshing respite, let's see what else we can find of interest. Click that link below, and I'll join you on the next page, Okay?

Let's go towards Rubber Sweat!